Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Stuff Yourself With Obtusity

Obtusity takes a break for holiday festivities, but in lieu of any new posts this week, we revisit some of the best essays of the year so far, post a completely unnecessary pic of Chris Brown, and link you to some must hear songs, enjoy!


The Horror in the Bedroom
- The Streets "Prangin' Out"

A Perilous Adventure

- Mew "Special"

Love, Lust and Icons
- Justin Timberlake's "My Love"

MySpace as Art
- Chris Brown & Bow Wow "Shortie Like Mine"

"That's That Shit" by Snoop Dogg ft. R. Kelly
"Keys Open Doors" by Clipse feat. Pharrell
"No Apologies" by Eminem
"The Prayer" by Bloc Party
"Boy From School" by Hot Chip
"Cosmia" by Joanna Newsom

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cronycapitalism said...

believe me, that pic was necessary

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