Monday, January 15, 2007

Eye Candy # 3:The Noisettes, Jay Chou, Five for Fighting

A few new videos that caught our eye over on the Antville message boards...

Five for Fighting "World"

dir. by Todd Strauss-Schulson

Though not nearly as endearing as the homegrown sincerity of Terra Naomi's video, F4F are at least going to get this a lot of airplay (you can always watch it on mute if you want). And what the song lacks in melody and composition, the video makes up for in skillful direction - the little boy and the fireworks is especially poignant. But I could have done with a little less zoom on John Ondrasik's face.

The Noisettes "Sister Rosetta"

dir. by Ollie Evans

A great song from a great new band that gets an equally, if not more compelling video treatment. The band brings the energy level up a notch with their exuberant performance (her voice is amazing!) but it's the risk-taking animation and editing that really catches your eye. The finale is superb and the transitions between the hand-drawn and live-action sequences are so good they require multiple viewings.

Jay Chou "本草纲目"

dir. by Jay Chou

What begins as a rather typical hip-hop video quickly transforms into a highly stylized and fun dance piece. Chou's pop isn't usually my cup of tea but the video works for the most part by using sophisticated shots and interesting characters. People should use talented dancing kids more often. It's still sad that they had to include the entirely worthless slow-mo intro with the girls though.

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