Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Eye Candy #4: Bromheads Jacket, Pluxus, Unklejam, Wintersleep, and The Procession

Some recent videos that caught our attention...

Pluxus "Kinoton"

dir. by Daniel Norby

Director Norby doesn't make a single cut, but it's the delicate composition of the cinematography and the syncing with the song that carries your attention through the last frame. The use of shadows and natural light creates some really nice shots and the girls skilled but imperfect dance moves are entirely endearing.

Unklejam "Love Ya"

dir. by Paul Gore

Though Gore delves into some of your typical rap/pop cliches, his near one-take style also provides some starkly unique and far-out images that are both visually and conceptually impressive. The group itself, poised for some crossover success in the States, is posing throughout (the guy in the hat does nothing but pose) but bring great energy to every shot.

Wintersleep "Jaws of Life"

dir. by Sean Wainsteim

One of the more interesting videos of the year so far. Using clever animated, stop-motion and live-action tricks the video fuses a sort of dystopian vision of the future - or perhaps the present - with dark comedic undertones. But unlike Theo Faron in Children of Men, our protagonist ignores the signs from his animal brethren as he goes about his day. Overall humanity comes off looking fairly stupid as the rabbits take up driving and birds personify business men. But it also gives me chills to imagine our influence ever transferring onto animals in this way, no matter how ridiculous that might seem. I mean how soon till the natural world starts living by our example? If birds evolved would they really walk around in useless ties? Umm. Nevermind.

The Procession "Don't Hesitate"

A fairly simple video that perfectly captures the nostalgic sensibilities of the song, which happen to be pretty good. Reminds me of the Oxford Collapse video from last year, just good clean indie Super-8 fun.

Bromheads Jacket "Lesley Parlafitt"

dir. by Zero Below

A short but sweet take on small-town English life from one of those "buzz" bands. It's a rather sad portrait of a man who expresses his frustrations with his own insecurities through random acts of violence. The song itself sounds more like Art Brut or the Arctic Monkeys than The Libertines, which is a good thing, but it's kind of too short to really do anything special.

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