Friday, January 05, 2007

FEATURE: Eye Candy #1

In this new segment, to appear periodically, we spotlight some great recent videos that aren't getting the full essay-interpretation treatment from Obtusity, but demand to be seen regardless! Enjoy...

VIDEO: Cornelius "Fit Song" dir. by Koichiro Tsujikawa

Some of the most amazing stop-motion/animation (or however he did it, I'm not really sure) in a while. Though there seems to maybe be some commentary on consumerist culture in here, it's probably more rewarding to just stare in awe at the technique. It's insanely addictive as well, don't be surprised if you catch yourself watching it more than once. (Very) Early contender for most fun video of 2007.

VIDEO: Jarvis Cocker "Don't Let Him Waste Your Time" dir. by Dougal Wilson

Cool camera tricks are accompanied by a pretty song from the former Pulp-man, not to mention some fairly hillarious dance moves at the end. The whole confessional cabby thing seems so perfect for music videos that it's surprising I can't think of another one that utilizes it off the top of my head (if anyone can, please let me know).

VIDEO: Guillemots "Annie Let's Not Wait" dir. by Corin Hardy

A lot of boxing movies are fairly similar and derivative, but this video strangely reminds us that Pulp Fiction had one of the more compelling boxing storylines ever. The narrative here isn't quite as brutal as Bruce Willis's escapade in Tarantino's film (though our hero does get shot!), and is far more romantic. The uplifting and humorous video is directly related to the Guillemots brilliant song, and features animated cameos by the band as well.

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