Monday, March 26, 2007

Dawn's Strange World: Forever Thursday "How Can It Be"

You know that song that has been floating in your head since you first saw a JC Penney commercial during the Oscars? Well here's the music video for it, so you can continue your obsession with the real thing...

Forever Thursday "How Can It Be"

dir. by Joel Pront

The whimsical tone of Australian band Forever Thursday's debut single is given a simple and elegant treatment in this charming new video. Beginning with lead singer Melanie Horsnell staring quizzically at the morning sky, what follows is her child-like exploration of the world waiting at her feet. She is initially surprised by the realization she makes staring up at the rising sun - but soon she is skipping and dancing along the seams of the day.

The video also doubles as a day-in-the-life of a recording band, holed up in a secluded house attempting to express something of themselves through music. We watch them as they slowly come to life as if taken over by the power of the song itself. By the end we are fairly convinced that the recording process can be both tiresome and endlessly fun. And more importantly, that each day holds a million possibilities. Sometimes it just takes one look around to realize the vastness of the day, and the power of the ideas in your head.

But the JC Penney spot is still more fun, and accomplishes nearly the same effect, albeit far more bluntly.

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