Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Child Within My Heart: Young Galaxy "Outside the City"

Young Galaxy "Outside the City"

dir. by ?

Recent Arts & Crafts-signees Young Galaxy paint a portrait of grand escape through the innocent eyes of children. Yet these aren't just any kids, they are confined to life within a prison-like orphanage. Even within these oppressive conditions a girl finds the strength to dream of something beyond the walls in front of her. Eventually she gathers the courage to take a chance and pursue those dreams.

The director ties these runaways to the band through inter-cut shots and an eventual encounter; it's clear that the musicians reflect their story of hope. Catherine McCandless sounds like Paula Frazer in that Cornershop song about drinking, but she has a vibrant urgency in her voice which comes out in the chorus. The snowy exterior also reminds one of the Fleetwood Mac comparisons this band frequently receives (this could easily be the video for "Landslide"). The video is at its best when the kids are racing through the snow and the music reaches its climax - eventuating with the two heroes standing at the edge of the world staring at a new horizon.

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