Friday, April 27, 2007

Darkness Into Light: The Maccabees "Precious Time"

The Maccabees "Precious Time"

dir. by Sam Brady

The Maccabees "First Love" celebrated the strangeness of love as much as it lamented the pain of losing it. Here we find another focus on peculiar action, except this time it's the small things we do to pass the time - from a game of Guess Who? to throwing paper airplanes. With the help of creative animation and camera work, many of these seemingly mundane activities come alive in striking fashion. In this way the video gives weight to our imagination and the everydayness of life. Like the singer who asks his lover to slow down so they can enjoy themselves longer, the video will do any random thing in order to avoid the point - which is actually the point. It's from these small acts of creativity and leisure that we often derive the most palpable sense of happiness.

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