Thursday, April 12, 2007

Easy Does It: The Shins, Feist

Two new videos from indie heavyweights...

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Feist "1234"

dir. by Patrick Daughters

This is the type of video that requires no elaborate description or interpretation. Its brilliance speaks for itself. From the perfectly flawed choreography to the energy of Feist's performance - all shot without a single cut - Patrick Daughters deftly captures the simple bittersweet beauty of the song. Pre-order the The Reminder today!

The Shins "Australia"

dir. by Matt McCormick

The Shins, who impressed with their Daughters-directed "Phantom Limb" earlier in the year, once again play to the strengths of the song with this fun little video for their super-catchy second single "Australia." Jumping off the prison or "criminal" themes of the lyrics, the group, clad in orange jumpsuits, decide to steal balloons from a local car dealership. It may seem like a petty or childish act, but when "facing the android's conundrum" even the smallest act of freedom can feel like an escape from suffocating mediocrity. As the balloons rise, these men take a momentary flight out of their dull confining lives. The same joyful respite the Shins and their director want to offer the viewer.

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