Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Paper Perception: Switches & Shit Disco

Two papier-inspired pieces accompanied by some catchy pseudo-punk...

Shit Disco "OK"

dir. by Price James

While watching this magnificently fun video, one can't help but wonder how long it took to put together those pop-up images of the band. Then at the conclusion we might ask why, after all that hard-work, the director lets us see the strings which hold up the paper in the final shot. But that seems to be half the point - just as each page of the book emphasizes a distinct sound or part of the song, the strings are a reference to the process behind making this video. We are at all times aware of the unprofessional and hand-made quality of either the music or the visuals. It's simultaneously low-fi and expertly engineered; a mixture of raw talent and honed skill. Even as the live band performs in front of a white screen, we can tell they are on the set of a shoot. Thus when the band members begin to protrude Donnie Darko-like paper accordions, they are simply exemplifying their inherent "indie-ness" and their literal role in the production of the art. Maybe?

Switches "Lay Down the Law"

dir. by Ben Ib

A faceless man tears through walls of image to reveal the dirty little secret behind all great music - which happens to be sex (not the best kept secret ever). This video does well making reference to concert posters and album art, the artistic brethren of music videos, but unfortunately the enlivened photo technique has been used before - and to better effect. The work would have benefited from a few more original flourishes and perhaps a narrative structure. Despite that it's still an entertaining and exceedingly good-looking video, with an especially memorable collage sequence.


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