Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Singin' In the Rain: Sophie Ellis-Bextor "Me and My Imagination"

Sophie Ellis-Bextor "Me and My Imagination" (Hi-Res)

dir. by Nima Nourizadeh

There are two points of emphasis in this video: the brilliant Lite-Brite effect that illuminates the night, and Sophie Ellis-Bextor's long long legs. The later of which increases the Kylie Minogue factor of the work, which was already going to be pretty high considering the music. This all makes for some fun times and more than a few memorable shots as Ellis-Bextor leads us through her fantasy Fred Astaire-like.

The character sees love as a game where the less you know the more you get - like a trip to the land of Oz without ever looking behind that curtain (she starts the video by clicking her heels). There's also more than a little bit of sexual innuendo going on with the words and the visuals, and Ellis-Bextor is perhaps more concerned with having a bit of fun than actually being in love. In a sense she maintains power over her man or woman (she picks flowers but steps over tree trunks) by withholding information and asking the other to support her "imagination." Neon-lighted hearts only get you so far, but who says you have to go any further?

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