Friday, May 25, 2007

Beautiful Voice: The Veils "Calliope"

The Veils "Calliope"

dir. by Arran and Corran Brownlee

The Veils don't have a calliope on hand as they play their second single from the excellent Nux Vomica, but their music could very well be inspired by the queen of the muses herself. Grabbing the magic in the air and letting it infuse their sound, the band rollicks through a beautifully animated underworld while lead singer Finn Andrews teeters on the edge of love. He fears taking the plunge because of the inevitable loss of innocence and perfection he sees in the girl of his dreams - especially when he has lost faith in everything else around him.

The directors mirror his hesitation by coloring the screen with sepia tones and silent film-aping moments, while a little flickering bug cuts across like Andrews ever present love - as if it were facilitating the entire experience. In the end the artist fears losing more than just his idealism.

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