Thursday, May 03, 2007

Flock of Parachuters: Architecture in Helsinki "Heart it Races"

Architecture in Helsinki "Heart it Races"

dir. by Kris Moyes

As the docu-intro suggests, the best parts of this video happen when the lights go down. The concept of dormant spirits brought to life through the exposing of the heart is both a fun and creepy way of expressing the boundless energy of the tune. The Australian group is charming in their ridiculous costumes, and director Moyes does an excellent job with the puppet movement - but the music is the key ingredient.

Bjork's gorgeous "Earth Intruders" was a self-proclaimed attempt at conveying the "tribal beat" of humanity, but the twee-inspired rhythms of Helsinki are a brighter estimation of a society enveloped in pure desire. From the nonsensically ramblings of the refrain to the steel drummed beat that plays throughout, this is addictive and exuberant fun. But it's the unexpected and overwhelming emotion of the song - the climactic yelps as the character's hearts are raised to the sun - that raises this to a new level. Our reaction to the combination of silly joy and sincere longing is best summed up by the title itself - heart it races.

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