Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Never Let Me Down: Consequence "Don't Forget 'Em"

Consequence "Don't Forget 'Em"

dir. by ?

This Kanye produced track bears not only the mark of his signature sampled sound, but Consequence's persona recalls that of Mr. West as well. Even though 'Quence has been around since the early 90's, frequently appearing with A Tribe Called Quest on albums that heavily influenced the 'Louis Vuitton Don,' it's clear that some of his style here is a product of West's recent astronomical success. Which is no surprise considering his debut studio album, Don't Quit Your Day Job!, is being released on Kanye's GOOD Music label.

The video, like the song, mixes moments of light humor with deep sincerity as it spins around the rappers memories of home. We've had a slew of videos in recent weeks that emphasize the importance of remembering where you come from, and the rotating camera does a good job of visualizing Consequence's thoughts on the matter. But it is a one-trick pony, and unfortunately can't sustain the full video. Nevertheless, we truly hope the Queens native finally gets his big break with this album - he's had the talent for a while.

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