Thursday, May 03, 2007

One Foot On the Ground: Lavender Diamond "Open Your Heart"

Lavender Diamond "Open Your Heart"

dir. by Sia

Director Sia personifies Diamond's emotions with a fragile egg in her hand and hesitant skating down the street. What she really feels inside is a street full of dancers, balloons in the sky and a piano man on the pavement. She smiles at a passerby and says hello to a little girl, but her modesty is at all times palpable. After an entire block of measured expression and energetic restraint, when she finally arrives at the doorstep of her lover she can no longer contain herself. She jumps into his arms and forgets all about the frail egg she holds in her palm - overcome by her love. Sure enough the egg tears apart, but what she didn't expect was that it would birth something new and more beautiful than the perfectly intact original ever was. Self-expression ain't so bad after all.

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