Friday, May 11, 2007

The Road Just Rolls Out Behind Me: Mandy Moore "Extraordinary"

Mandy Moore "Extraordinary"

dir. by Ace Norton

Pop star Moore attempts to tweak her image by hiring indie-ish director Norton to give her the "down-to-earth" treatment. Though in order to make Ms. Moore a more likeable and relatable star, the director puts her up in the clouds - piling numerous versions of the the A Walk to Remember star up towards the sun. There's actually a considerable lack of sunlight in this gloomy town that Moore rises above, and perhaps her various talents will bring new warmth to the city once she jumps into her dreams - but the lackluster sky remains until the very end.

What is clear is Moore's attempt to juggle numerous personalities, skills and appearances at once - even if none of them ever represented who she truly was. She realizes this at the conclusion, once she has built a tower of pressures and obligations beneath her. She floats down feeling weightless and free for the first time - apparently no longer tied to concerns of popular image, and ready to display her true "extraordinary" quality.


Anonymous said...

great is hot too! go mandy!

The Count said...

What was with the Le Ballon Rouge reference?

Rebecca said...

That video was just a bunch of fluff, better than what most female artists put-out now adays, but I can't really say I'm too impressed.

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