Tuesday, May 22, 2007

This Green Earth: Gui Boratto "Beautiful Life"

Gui Boratto "Beautiful Life"

dir. by Cadú Datoro

Beauty in the hands of DJ Gui Buratto is sunlit synths on the back of heart-racing drums, angelic hope emerging from cloudy fuzz and tense build-up as much as cathartic climax. His latest album, Chromophobia, is littered with moments of darkness overwhelmed by the sound of joy, and nowhere is this more fully realized than on lead single "Beautiful Life."

Director Cadú Datoro plays with our emotions in much the same way, setting up a stark contrast in order to convey his meaning. As we realize the false nature of the picture perfect set-up, we may be inclined to dismiss the earlier scenes of happiness. Yet discovering the realities of life only makes our innocence grow fonder in retrospect. The smile on the old man's face lingers in our memory whether or not it was "real," and subsequent events can't change our initial reaction. There is a neccesary beauty in knowledge and growth - but naivety holds its own charms.

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