Thursday, May 24, 2007

We Didn't Start The Fire: Uncut "Darkhorse"

Uncut "Darkhorse"

dir. by Kris Lefcoe

What were once cuddly memories of youth, in the hands of Kris Lefcoe and Uncut, are now vile symbols of big business brainwashing. Little did we know that Carebears and Ronald McDonald had sinister ulterior motives from the moment of our first happy meal. Yet it's clear now you've been suckered into supporting a conglomerate of greedy bastards out to burn trees and silence all those who stand in the way of profit. What's the only sensible thing to do? Riot.

Uncut don't just share musical similarities with Tokyo Police Club, their video should play back-to-back with their Canadian brethren's "Cheer It On." Both works criticize suppressive aspects of modern society through plastic miniatures who go crazy, but Uncut takes aim specifically at the way in which gigantic corporations are ruining free expression (which could easily apply to happenings within the music industry itself). The band is shown playing an open field concert before being chased away by an impending construction project, but it's this vital brush with art that inspires the fiery passion for change in the people.

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