Friday, June 01, 2007

Here We Are Now: My Chemical Romance "Teenagers"

My Chemical Romance "Teenagers"

dir. by Marc Webb

In pseudo-Nirvana fashion, My Chemical Romance and a group of strange cheerleaders rile up a crowd of angry kids with their commentary on society's stereotypical perception of teenagers. This continues the themes of rebellion we've seen in a number of previous MCR videos, but the band adds a charming stomp to their typically pop rock sound this time around. Unfortunately the song doesn't hold the emotional weight it requires, and the band seem to know it - ending the video rather abruptly with a cautious disclaimer. Rise up and reject the oppressive trappings of society, but just don't hurt anybody while you're at it.

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My Chemical Romance Fan said...

Ah, rad analysis of the video. Do you like My Chemical Romance? I think they're awesome and I've created a blog about them.

Check it out and comment back? Thanks.

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