Thursday, June 14, 2007

I Would Never Wish Bad Things: Soko "I'll Kill Her"

Soko "I'll Kill Her"

dir. by ?

It's a simple video for a simple song - a song which you either love or hate with a burning passion. We fall into the former group, so it's nice to find Soko looking rightfully sardonic in this improvised performance on the streets of Paris. People have called her the French Lily Allen, but her pouty charm initially comes off as more sincere than "Smile" (if far less catchy). The hyperbolic chorus is merely a guise behind which Soko holds her real pain, and it emerges in those moments when she briefly glimpses in the dirty mirror. Yet her sulking expression of anger is funnier than it is affecting, and the self-pity is ultimately a tool for dropping witticisms. Which, so far, is a pretty good gimmick.

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