Saturday, June 16, 2007

Obtusity Channel on Chime.TV!

You may have noticed we recently added an extra button up there under the header, mysteriously named "watch videos." It's actually an exciting new development for our modest little blog, and here's an explanation:

"Chime.TV is an always-on, never-ending stream of videos hand picked by humans so you can spend more time watching and loving life on the couch (or computer chair!)."

Now, thanks to the brilliant folks behind Chime, Obtusity has its very own music video network (sort of)! You can skip all our hyperbolic interpretations and get right to the good stuff: the videos. It's an always on, constantly updated streaming feed of the videos analyzed here on the blog. Check it out!


Taylor said...

Awesome man! I favorited your channel and will be keeping my eye on it :)

Obtusity said...

thanks taylor, good luck with the site, i think it's a dynamite idea.

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