Thursday, June 14, 2007

Seize the Moment: Another Chance "Everytime I See Her"

Another Chance "Everytime I See Her"

dir. by Justin Kerrigan

The appeal of Justin Kerrigan's work here is the ease with which he tells this age-old tale. He establishes the love triangle within a matter of seconds, and in the first minute we are already certain of the heroic conclusion. Yet as with any cheesy romance film, we watch not for the surprises but for the reassurance of a moral ending. The suspense is in the anticipation of Romeo making his move, and helplessly watching the girl run headfirst into a wall. Despite our immense familiarity with the story, the semi-lite tone of the work (cued by the song), use of young actors and the grandest middle school dance in recorded history keep things compelling right up to the dramatic finish.

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