Monday, June 04, 2007

Through the Windowpane: Kate Nash "Foundations"

A delectable gem we originally missed, discovered through Antville's monthly recap...

Kate Nash "Foundations"

dir. by Kinga Burza

As Kate Nash and her beau wrestle over a silent game of cards, the songstress steals a sarcastic glance over at her only "friends" - a lonely bowl of goldfish. What she comes to realize is this relationship not only suffocates her emotionally, but literally isolates the couple from the outside world. The intimacy that was once a source of enormous comfort is now as icky as an anonymous drunk passed out on top of you - vomiting on your brand new shoes. Suddenly she would do anything to get out and breath fresh air, to see some real flowers rather than those painted on her bedroom wall.

Yet ending a relationship is never that easy. There is always the fear (yellow permeates) of even more loneliness, and a struggle with forgetting both good and bad memories. On the one hand the littlest annoyances that silently pile up inside are beginning to nag incessantly, but at the same time she can't seem to shake the feeling of nostalgia she has for the earliest days of her love. Every time she looks at their cute little toothbrushes sharing a cup or their laundry tangled up on the floor, she must weigh it against disinterested looks and a fridge full of beer bottles. So like many she seems stuck, forced to put flowers in empty trash and pretend it's all right.

The video captures the worst moment in a failing relationship - when the only pleasure one gets is from winding up the other (cleverly shown to be a childish activity). Yet through all the arm wrestling and finger holding, what Nash discovers more than anything is how much her boyfriend seems to sleep. It's the utter lack of enthusiasm he shows - more than the mean things he says - that eventually pummels through their foundations. Sometimes all you want is an angry outburst, or at least a bitter goodbye as you walk out the door - but he's putting his feet up while she takes out the trash.

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