Monday, July 09, 2007

Put On Your Red Shoes: Cupid "Cupid Shuffle"

Cupid "Cupid Shuffle"

dir. by ?

As much as karaoke songs like "Macerena" or "Electric Boogie" pain the ears, when played in public they provide a unique opportunity to get lost in communal self-expression. In recent times hip-hop has been especially adept at releasing songs which are specifically intended to bring people together on the dance floor - whether it be to "Lean Back" or "Walk it Out." These are songs which instantly spark a certain type of movement in the crowd, and thus create an exhilarating sense of unity. Cupid celebrates this phenomenon, calling on folks of all ages to join in his new "shuffle."

But even though he gets people moving, this is not the next "Charleston." It's catchy and easy enough to learn, but it's also a tad bit derivative. I imagine it will do quite well nevertheless, but in terms of the 'next big thing,' my money's on the "5000."

[via Notes From a Different Kitchen]

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