Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wake Up: The Mint Chicks "Walking Off a Cliff Again"

The Mint Chicks "Walking Off a Cliff Again" [Hi-Res]

dir. by Sam Peacocke

The white rabbit is coaxed out of his hole by the Mint Chicks, in hopes that it might inspire the bored and suppressed people of the world. As our speedy hero splashes wonderland all over these previously static characters, they suddenly erupt with emotion and desire - coming to life just as he seems to lose his.

Peacocke, who also directed the Mint Chicks previous video, does an excellent job of capturing the energy and tone of the band - especially here as the protagonist runs with the rising adrenaline of the song. His images of mundane offices and bland classrooms are delightfully composed, and the performances here are brief but sweet.

And could that opening shot be another indie reference to Donnie Darko (waking up in the middle of the street, rabbits, martyrdom, maybe?).

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Claire said...

I felt the rabbit ears and shirtless, skinny boy running was more of a Gummo reference (rip-off?) than a Donnie Darko reference.

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