Monday, December 18, 2006

The Ten Most Fun Videos of 2006

Though we may tend to harp on the super-serious side of making music videos, we here at Obtusity watch hundreds of hours of YouTube a week, so in our search for relevant social critique we naturally come across a lot of fun stuff as well. So today we share with you ten of the most addictive, silly, dumbest and plain infectious videos we came across in the past year...

10. Pink "Stupid Girls"

This is only funny because it's true. Pink doesn't just make fun of society and every other pop star around, she makes fun of herself most of all (intentionally and unintentionally).

9. Lasse Gjertsen "Amateur"

I don't even know if this qualifies as a music video but the editing is so cool and amazing that I had to post it.

8. Lily Allen "Smile"

Diarrhea never gets old. And either does watching an asshole get beat-up.

7. CSS "Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above"

What's so creepily brilliant about this is how un-sexy it is. Apart from the spooky noises and elephant masks (so that's the DFA they are referencing!), it's the way in which the lead singer manages to somehow look extremely bored and somewhat coquettish at the same time. Though I have to admit I hope for a ground-shaking earthquake whenever I walk by a pretty girl now.

6. Muse "Knights of Cydonia"

This is an epic comedic event of a video. Favorite sequence: super-serious mustached cowboy, bald eagle then beautiful blonde...cue American flag!

5. Weird "Al" Jankovic "White & Nerdy"

Leave it to a 48 year-old icon to come up with the most on-point satire of modern youth culture in ages. But then again, he's the one whose been doing it so well for ages.

4. Deichkind "Ich Betaube Mich"

I would have never seen this video if it hadn't been for antville, so I've got to thank the wonderful members of that site for giving me this opportunity to pee my pants. There's a seering critique of our culture somewhere in there as well, but all I've got to say is, 100% positive!

3. Bow Wow feat. Chris Brown "Shortie Like Mine"

Finally hip-hop makes it cool to spend your life on peer-to-peer networks! Well except none of us are actually talking to beautiful people all over the world, unless of course you count those fake hot girls who send you messages and then turn out to be like solicitors for some strange money-lending website. Umm.

2. OK Go "Here It Goes Again"

The first million times I watched this I never realized how hideously ugly some of those outfits are, I mean a hot pink shirt and white shoes would be painful enough, but where does one acquire a vest on that level of grossness? It doesn't help that the guy looks like the love-child of Paul Shaffer and Ringo. Still a cool video though.

1. Hot Chip "Over and Over"

The Warning was the album on which Hot Chip supposedly got "serious" for the first time, but thankfully they kept their sense of humour when they went to make the video for "Over and Over." It's a completely off-the-wall masterpiece (those red sunglasses rock, btw), but it wouldn't be half as fun if the song was so goddamn good itself.

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Nate said...

re: the horribly dressed, ugly, ugly man in the OKGO video:

I knew a girl that was (possibly still is) dating that man as recently as last fall. She was the prettiest girl I have ever known; her teeth were so nice she actually got cast in a Whitestrips commercial. The world is just hilariously unfair.

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