Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Eye Candy # 5: The Willowz "Jubilee," The Knife "Na Na Na"

The Willowz "Jubilee"

dir. by Toben Seymour

One of the truly innovative videos in recent memory, it's a transcendent journey through city lights, coastal scenery and limitless human imagination. Though one could attempt a large scale interpretation, it's far more fun to simply gaze in wonderment at the technical mastery of this piece.

The Knife "Na Na Na"

dir. by David Vegezzi/Dagmar Weaver

A video that delves into the power of lust and physical touch - as well as the misuse of such powers. Working in abstract images of fantasy, submission, attempted rape and murder, the directors canvas the many layers (both dark and bright) of sexual desire in one sweeping hook.
It may be super artsy, but the Knife demand this type of work for their music, and have already established themselves with a stellar collection of music videos.

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