Thursday, March 08, 2007

Eye Candy # 11: DJ Mehdi, Christina Aguilera, Air Traffic

Christina heats up the screen, Terry Timely gives us another gem and DJ Mehdi releases one of the most beautifully silly videos of the year...

Air Traffic "Charlotte"

dir. by Terry Timely

This fun and stylish new video from Mr. Timely is a resplendent tribute to the often chaotic process of artistic inspiration. The beauty is in the details, from the objects in the microwave to the dancing moose head on the wall, it's as absurd as it is strangely poignant.

Christina Aguilera "Candyman"

dir. by Matthew Rolston

Christina Aguilera is starting to carve a nice little niche for herself between artistic creativity and commercial viability. Here she underscores the playful sexuality of her lyrics by using a swing-era setting that perfectly matches the tone of the music. And she still looks smoking as ever.

The song is hot, and precisely because it sounds unlike anything else on the radio right now. The opening sets up Christina as a pin-up like doll, but as the video progresses her words become more explicit and her clothing more overtly sexual. She answers any questions of female objectification by blatantly exploiting her man for his physical features and capabilities. Both sides are only in this to have a good time, and there's nothing wrong with that. Aguilera has always been an artist who has sought equality through the unadulterated expression of her emotions and desires.

But beyond simply playing up the strengths of her track, this video reinforces the star-power of Aguilera. Her last two videos have been excellent, but in the denouement of this one - in which she belts out the final line - the director cuts through the many faces of Christina while she holds the note. It's an overpowering reminder of the range and sheer power of the singer's voice.

DJ Mehdi "Signatune (Thomas Bangalter Edit)"

dir. by Romain Gavras

An absolutely hilarious and superbly acted farce. The song isn't as successful but that doesn't really matter when you're subject matter is "car stereo wars."


Imran said...

thanks again anonymous

hairybones said...

Enjoying your blog Obtusity. Have readers been responsive to your more generalist approach to popculture as opposed to specialising (ie focussing just on music videos)?

Imran said...

hi hairybones. we actually tend to be very specialized here, focusing mainly on music videos, and i think people have responded well. at the very least it's something unique that not many other people are doing right now.

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