Monday, April 16, 2007

A Class Act: Feist "My Moon, My Man"

This Broken Social Scener seems incapable of it goes again...

Feist "My Moon, My Man"

dir. by Patrick Daughters

Another new treat from the dynamite combination that brought you last week's irresistible "1234." Filmed alongside that buoyant number, "My Moon" is a far silkier affair - matching the rhythm of the music with shiny glass, snappy dancing and an ingeniously utilized walkway. In contrast to the wide open space of an empty hangar bay, Feist begins bundled in a trench coat amongst the dark lights and blank faces of a busy airport. Her initial modesty sets up the subtle eroticism of the song, and previews the eventual loosening of that same tightly-wound coat.

The choreography has a spontaneous and natural feel, but there is tension developed by the dancers and the resisting movement of the conveyor belt below. The camera occasionally zooms in on the action as if revealing precious clues in a sultry thriller. Daughters also pits everything in complete darkness from time to time to match the tone of the song. The playful mystery and seduction leads up to the crashing climax of lights, paper and free-flowing hair - where the chaos is both exhilarating and frightening.

Feist emerges from that bridge floating across the screen on the edge of a moving railing. People dance behind her as she seems compelled by a moment of euphoria, her legs dangling across the side in the strobing light. It's a beautiful and graceful peak for a video that is as sexy as it is fun.

Feist leaves the scene in a joyful mood, literally lighting up the room as she goes. The singer herself is of course a major factor in the success of this collaboration. From the beginning her charisma and nonchalance breathes sensuous life into the purposefully steely set. One can only hope this isn't the end of the fantastic Daughters-Feist connection, especially considering the wealth of catchy tunes still left on The Reminder...

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