Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hardboiled: Bogdan Irkük "Curare"

Bogdan Irkük "Curare"

dir. by Pistachios

With a single animated lighting effect, the video for "Curare" rises from mediocrity into a fantastically taught noir-thriller. The pulsing rhythm of the music does wonders in augmenting the tense atmosphere, and the flash-back narrative only furthers the suspense. But it's the intermittent darkness, where the driver is left alone in the car, that really establishes the tone. In those shadowy moments all his fears come to life, but we only see glimpses of his terror. It isn't just the poison running through his veins, it's the guilt and paranoia racing through his mind - and it's the combination of these forces which lead him to lose control so quickly.

Check out an interview with the director over at Videology.

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