Thursday, April 19, 2007

Smell the Coffee: The Rumble Strips "Alarm Clock"

Futureheads-esque rock from recent British buzz band...

The Rumble Strips "Alarm Clock"

dir. by Harry Dwyer

This fun little video takes it's cues from Gondry (who doesn't?), but nevertheless does interesting things on its own. The band have an exuberant sound, and it's the horns and beat of the song which give the video such bounce. The everyman tone of the lyrics are reflected in the story on screen, and the performances of the musicians are quite good in that respect. But it's the simple, yet effective themes of the work which make it such a joy.

The basic plot revolves around a man who spends his days dreaming, but is afraid to pursue his fancies in the real world. In his head he is building a grand machine from disparate parts, with the help of his trusted friends. But when he finally does wake up, to his surprise reality is far grander than his dreams. He's a (future) rock star after all - living a fantasy everyday.

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