Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Body is a Cage: Shiny Toy Guns "You Are the One"

Shiny Toy Guns "You Are the One"

dir. by ?

They rarely make epic rock videos like this anymore, so watching one brings back fond memories of MTV and Guns 'n Roses. There's no grand piano here, but there is a heavy dose of November rain. The song is large enough to just barely sustain the weight of the over-the-top imagery, and the unique style of the band members fits just right with slow motion waterfalls and unbelievably heavy winds.

We see a woman trapped in a large sphere - her own bubble of self-doubt - but with the help of Shiny Toy Guns (and love) she reaches out to the world. It's her "tears" which finally free her, and the band is soaked in the subsequent downpour; themselves liberated by the music and emotion. When they emerge, they are all on top of the world - standing in the light of a newly risen sun.

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