Thursday, April 19, 2007

Out of the Web: Snow Patrol "Signal Fire"

Promotional clip for the new Spidey film that is barely more than a trailer...

Snow Patrol "Signal Fire"

dir. by Paul McGuigan

This thinly-veiled (if veiled at all) advertisement for the new Spider-Man movie features a ho-hum Snow Patrol ballad and a rehash of the major plot points from the first two films. Yet despite the Hollywood influence, director Paul McGuigan is able to tell his own story within and independent of Sam Raimi's (and Stan Lee's) world.

The story of Spider-Man is essentially that of a regular Joe rising to the occasion to do extraordinary things. Before that fateful spider bite Peter Parker was a man who lacked self-confidence and felt the pressures of growing up. So whether or not he became Spider-Man, he would have had to face those issues eventually - just like everyone else. McGuigan highlights this point in giving a shining moment to the spider biter himself, the force that originally set the story in motion. The shy kid seizes an opportunity and heroically kisses the girl of his dreams - overcoming his doubts. It's similar moments of bravery amongst normal people, like those of his grandfather, that really sting Peter Parker into being a superhero.

We admit it, we're die hard fans.

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