Thursday, June 21, 2007

Love Some Waffle House: R. Kelly & Usher "Same Girl"

R. Kelly & Usher "Same Girl"

dir. by Little X

While the writing can't sustain itself through the second act, that first section is pure gold. The combination of dramatic build and comedic payoff (in every line), works wonders with the pitch perfect deliveries of Usher and Kelly. It's a small tragedy then that these two R&B superstars couldn't sustain the charm of the sing-song exchange all the way through. Little X helps them along with some typically flashy camera work emphasizing the duo's ridiculously lavish lifestyles, and Kells surprise ending is clever enough (if somewhat implausible). But in comparison to those epic finales that characterized his last foray into rap-opera, this one feels a bit tame.

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