Friday, June 22, 2007

No Alarms: Seventeen Evergreen "Lunar One"

Seventeen Evergreen "Lunar One"

dir. by Elliot Jokelson

Seventeen Evergreen and director Elliot Jokelson depict the momentary escape from this "messed up place," inspired by beauty and love, with a slow-mo trip to the moon. The video contrasts images of the absurd with close-ups on the singer's sincere face, much like the Grandaddy-esque song melds the vocal delivery with spacey background noise. Jokelson uses lo-tech solutions to create this sense of realism and disconnect, from dust on the drums to flashlights in the helmets.

The "No Surprises" reference, with the fishbowl/lights imagery, is more than just an interesting visual though. Like in that Radiohead song, the singer here feels trapped by the banality of earthly living. So when he finally finds his "pretty face," he's floating some place far away - doing the splits in a spacesuit.

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