Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Turn to the Left, Turn to the Right: Joel Plaskett "Fashionable People"

Joel Plaskett "Fashionable People"

dir. by RT!

[via antville]

Director RT! avoids any hint of flashy or overwrought style, and ends up making one of the most charming and fun videos of the year. Plaskett performs for the camera with such ease, and this song is so darn catchy, it's surprising more people aren't talking about his recently released Ashtray Rock. The video begins with the cheesy idea of recreating the album cover for the camera and some equally silly directions on how to do so coming from the singer himself. We spend the next couple minutes watching a whole lot of bad acting from people doing many "questionable things," yet neither the director nor Plaskett seem above the fray. In fact the song, and the final shots of the video, suggest that everyone is playing a role of some kind - and that it isn't such a bad thing.

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