Monday, June 25, 2007

In The Morning: You Say Party! We Say Die! "Monster"

You Say Party! We Say Die! "Monster"

dir. by Sean Wainsteim

The song begins with spooky notes of impending doom, as lead singer Becky Ninkovic's describes the frightening "nighttime" that exists in her heart. Red Riding Hood has wandered into the desolated streets of Prague searching for some light among its dark corners, but she finds fear and danger waiting there instead. Her attempts to escape are futile, and it's clear she must confront the horrors of this night sooner or later.

Yet once she turns to face the monster which haunts her, she finally understands that it's love which scares her the most. Opening herself up exposes her to the beauty of human connection, and perhaps now she notices the street lamps which illuminate the city. In the tangled mess of her own heart, she finds the strength to overcome the anxieties of the world outside.

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