Monday, July 02, 2007

Blood Lust: Chris Brown "Wall to Wall"

Chris Brown "Wall to Wall"

dir. by Erik White

Chris Brown's performance at the 2006 World Music Awards was no one-off - he has his sights set squarely on the King of Pop's presently vacated throne. Yet while "Wall to Wall" shows the young R&B sensation taking bigger risks with his videos, it is without the coherent plot or singular vision (as well as budget) which made "Thriller" such a classic. In fact it's somewhat troubling that in a song where Brown celebrates the plethora of romantic opportunities available to him on a given night, the women are all depicted as dangerous vampires.

Yet what Brown lacks in fresh narrative ideas, he counterbalances with amazing dance moves. The choreography here is on par with Jackson's finest, and the gravity-defying bit on the wall is a nice touch. The video could have spent more money on creativity like that, and far less on pointless cameos from the likes of Tyrese.

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