Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sleep Tight: Pikelet "Bug in Mouth"

Pikelet "Bug in Mouth"

dir. by Matt Richards

The amazing thing about our nocturnal bug-eating is that, regardless of the pollution or rain forest destruction we seem to perpetuate daily, every night we are unwittingly involved in sustaining the natural world. The fact that we can contribute to the cycles of life in our sleep, reawakens one to the possibilities of the day. All the bugs that disappear into Pikelet's body at night are reminders of the uninterrupted flow between herself and the world around her. In that sense, once we understand our part in the natural process, we have all the more reason to avoid polluting and destroying it.

There is nothing particularly revolutionary here, but the video does deftly echo the best qualities of the song. The kaleidoscopic images that blend beautifully from one scene to the next fit perfectly with the psychedelic accordion that forms the backbone of the song. Pikelet's vocal delivery is utter charm, and her off-kilter antics on screen only increase her singular appeal. One imagines this distinct brand of indie-folk will be warmly welcomed in the second half of 2007.

[via antville]

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