Thursday, July 05, 2007

Roll Out the Red Carpet: Plans and Apologies "Mel Gibson's Iraq!"

Plans and Apologies "Mel Gibson's...Iraq!"

dir. by James Sharpe

If you haven't had the patience to wade through the exceedingly frivolous stories on the news as of late, you might be surprised to learn that the most powerful Tony to bow out in recent times wasn't a Soprano. Plans and Apologies are right pissed about their former prime minister's warm send-off last week, specifically because of his adamant support for George Bush and the Iraq war. A quote from their press release:

"This week the UK prime minister Tony Blair stood down, and to celebrate the fact we might see a little less of his grinning, murderous face, we at Pandaz Pop are giving out this preview of the video."

While the band riff on the way modern wars are created and sold like blockbuster films, there is also an interesting critique leveled at the audience itself. The consumers who sit aimlessly in front of their television sets are complicitly linked to the elected officials who seem hellbent on making the biggest profit at any cost. The singer admits that he himself didn't necessarily sit down to write a political song, but that certain times demand certain reactions. Unfortunately, it seems like his band is playing to a waning crowd.

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