Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Born on the Fourth: Animal Collective "Fireworks"

Animal Collective "Fireworks"

dir. by Jon Leone

[via pitchfork]

The sparks slow down and reverse at one point, and it's almost as if we are space-traveling rather than enjoying an earthly fireworks display. It is a trip though, one that traverses through the mind and heart of the singer - expressing love, doubt and a childlike wonder with the ways of the world. All of which is triggered by a single moment standing under the beautiful exploding lights of a clear blue night.

The song is a thrilling ride through the always exotic world of Avey Tare, Panda Bear and company. Despite the typically strange vocal delivery, the tune is actually quite hum-able. It boasts a boisterous melody, among the best Animal Collective have written, perfectly placed piano notes and some beautifully crashing drums. Director Jon Leone captures the erratic energy of the track elegantly, and his images of bursting and retracting fireworks will be forever linked with the notes of the song in our minds.

The video will no doubt come back to you tonight as you celebrate America's birthday, and perhaps you'll have your own epiphany amongst the children who stare up in awe and fear. Yet even if you don't, one thing is clear: this is a brilliant piece of viral marketing on the part of AC and Domino Records.

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