Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Weapon of Choice: RJD2 "Work It Out"

RJD2 "Work it Out"

dir. by Joey Garfield

A man who appears disabled faces a steep set of steps. Immediately a stranger offers to help, assuming the man will have difficulty completing the task on his own. Yet our sharply dressed hero rejects the stranger's help, and seems stubborn in doing so - after all, we also expect him to have some difficulty in descending the stairs.

But in a single continuous take, Bill Shannon (born with a hip condition that requires crutches) expresses uninhibited individuality and freedom - rejecting any notion that he is incapable of beautiful movement. He hops, skates and glides through the crowded city, garnering looks of astonishment wherever he goes. After all that he climbs right back up those stairs - past the stranger who once doubted his ability.

Simply brilliant.

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