Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Don't Try This At Home: Dude 'N Nem "Watch My Feet"

Dude 'N Nem "Watch My Feet"

dir. by ?

We've already analyzed the decent Down South "Cupid Shuffle" and the more impressive "5000" from New York, but the freshest dance craze of the moment comes straight out the dear old Midwest. This modern version of the "Juke" is on full display in Chicago natives Dude 'N Nem's latest video, a journey across the Windy City showcasing kids and grown-ups alike practicing some very fancy footwork. Yet for all the thrilling and captivating dance moves, the most exciting fact here is the emergence of another quality Chi-town underground duo to add to a burgeoning scene spearheaded by the flyer than fly Cool Kids.

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