Thursday, August 09, 2007

Pretty Girls Make Graves: Candie Payne "One More Chance"

Obtusity is in the process of moving, and consequently the blog will be on hiatus for a week or so. But as we pack up and head out west, we leave you with this delightful new video from Candie Payne.

Candie Payne "One More Chance"

dir. by Indica

The English singer-songwriter and her director Indica play against the expectations set-up by the sweet music and the even sweeter appearance of our heroine. As a parade of men are distracted by her long silky legs and batting lashes, the not-so-innocent beauty is masterminding a plan to escape scot-free. Meanwhile a crew of stereotypical "criminal" types walk around in the background, subtly challenging the viewer's own perceptions of what "bad" people look like.

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Ron said...

PGMG are awesome and I enjoyed seeing them live last November. Knew they broke up ,didn't realize she was going solo. Good find.

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