Monday, June 25, 2007

Take Me Out: Sloan "I've Gotta Try"

Sloan "I've Gotta Try"

dir. by Stardust

[via antville]

This gorgeously animated video is full of the imaginative qualities that Sloan seek to evoke in themselves and those around them through their song. Stardust uses a wallpaper-like motif, but each piece of plaster is vividly alive - fluidly moving from one frame to the next. The cumulative effect is somewhere between hand-made psychedelia and graphic poetry. When the camera pulls out in the end, we know the band had this beauty in them all along - it just takes a little courage to wear your colors on the outside.


Jordan said...

This video does a good job of making digital animation still look organic. I think it's the way the vines twist around the band, as if it grew on its own (rather than being a product of a human and a computer).

Obtusity said...

yeah thats a very good point, the vines work as a sort of metaphor for the entire animation style.

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