Monday, June 25, 2007

In My White Tee: Kinfolk Kia Shine "Krispy"

Kinfolk Kia Shine "Krispy"

dir. by Vem

Months after first hearing Memphis rapper Kinfolk Kia Shine's "Krispy," the beat sounds as irresistibly clean as ever. And if you had any doubts about the meaning of the oft-repeated chorus, director Vem's spiffy new video makes it clear Kinfolk is all about the shine. It's interesting to hear a rapper boast chiefly about his style rather than the sheer amount of his possessions. Granted "jeans 900, shoes 850" is meant to signify his inordinate wealth, but Kinfolk seems more interested in discussing his aesthetic choices - in everything from footwear to home decor - than simply throwing money at the screen (ahem). As the drawly rapper glides through a hundred different outfits in the streets of his hometown, without the assistance of busty models or slow-motion car rides, he succeeds in establishing himself as a unique voice in the monotonous world of contemporary hip-hop - while still appealing to its core principles of self-promotion.


deltasleep said...

I fail to see any of the redeeming qualities you do in this song. The entire song is STILL about consumption.
So I mean, I guess its more specifically about HOW he is using how much money he has, rather than how much money he has. There are a lot of songs like that.
Dirty South has spread like a cultural infectious disease throughout the south, destroying a culture and glorifying a destructive culture. It's a shame that my region had to be the one to officially kill hip hop.

Anonymous said...

he has the be the worst artist of all time, your album will not sale 100 copies if that.this dude increases the chances of hip hop becoming "dead"

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